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This is a popular hangout spot that is trashed on a daily basis.

The goal of this project is to change a culture of trashing. The key to permanently reducing trashing is to change social norms. We have successfully changed a culture of trashing at other hangout spots through a series of interventions, these include:

Frequent, highly visible, and cleanups during periods of peak use - Afternoons from 3-6 are ideal.

Research shows that clean areas are trashed less; the reason for this is that clean areas send a social signal that trashing isn’t ok here. Put another way: Trash begets Trash. People out cleaning an area - for free even! - reinforces this point.

While cleaning, greet people as you work (“Hey there, just here for the trash”) Stay positive and don’t scold, shame, or correct. Just do the work, and be open and friendly. People respond very positively to this, and you will get a lot of thanks for your work.

Finally, we will put up signs that read: “You Deserve Clean, Beautiful Parks - 48 Bags of Trash Removed” - we have found these signs to be effective at changing behavior.

Trash Note

Litter around parks is typically found in parking areas and nearby streets as well as the park itself. In parks, trash is typically found near picnic, and sitting areas, and along pathways.

In windy regions, trash will collect along fences and in bushes. In areas with hills or creeks, trash will collect downslope from roads and walkways.

The area around trash cans generally collects micro-trash. Clean, inviting trash cans get used more often, and maintaining trash cans is recommended.

Hazards & Safety

Watch for traffic.

Getting There & Parking

Street parking nearby.

Trash Disposal

Take home, or put in or nearby, trash cans.

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