SF Bay Trail

Deep Cleaning

Our SF Bay Trail Cleanup focuses on the section of the trail from Powell St in Emeryville, heading North to Central St. in Richmond.

Also see Encampment projects for nearby encampments.

Over 4 cleanups, we've removed 101 bags of trash


Central Ave to Buchanan

SF Bay Trail from Central, South to Buchanan

University to Gilman Path

Pathway from University to Gilman, including the 'Virginia Trailhead' (unsigned) which is an area for frequent dumping.

Beach Trail Access Area

Beach Trail Parking area, near Ashby, this is a frequent hangout spot, including campers.

Shorebird Park

Shorebird Park including area adjacent to Chevy's

Albany Beach Area

Albany Beach Area including Buchanan St up to where the Bay Trail Path starts.

Seabreeze and surrounding area

The area around the Seabreeze Parking lot, including:

  • The beach to the West of Seabreeze

  • The bike path South past the pedestrian bridge to the where the Riprap starts (all the green area along the path basically)

See also Encampments.

Point Emery

Well used park and frequent hangout spot. This segment gets regular maintenance, but needs deep cleaning to get out micro trash, especially around trash cans.

Albany Beach to Gilman

New trail 'behind' Golden Gate Fields, that starts at Albany Beach and continues South to the Sports Field parking lot.

Pt. Emery to Bridge

Bike Path, including riprap below, note that the Beach Trail Access area is it's own segment, as is the Seabreeze area.

Shorebird Park to Pt. Emery

The Path from Shorebird Park in Emeryville, to Point Emery. The walkway is cleaned by Emeryville Parks, the riprap below collects trash from tides as well as the path. This entire stretch has a riprap shoreline, only clean riprap if you feel comfortable climbing on rocks.