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This project focuses on the East Bay Ridge Roads: Grizzly Peak, Skyline, and Redwood. We have completed a first cleaning across 3.5 miles of Grizzly Peak from Centennial to Marlborough Terrace and we are working on extending our dataset along Skyline Blvd. and Redwood Road.

We removed over 450 bags of trash. This section needs additional roped work to get trash down steepish slopes.

To change a culture of trashing along Grizzly we organized 40 highly visible cleanups, and installed almost 100 signs. We are pleased to report that the amount of new trash along Grizzly has fallen dramatically.

We are looking for people with CLIMBING EXPERIENCE to help retrieve trash from easy Class-4 slopes.

Across 3.5 miles of Grizzly Peak Blvd from Centennial to Marlborough Terrace, we’ve removed over 450 bags of trash.