East Bay Encampments

Deep Cleaning

This project focuses on trash cleanups in and around major homeless encampments in the East Bay.

For encampments on city streets or in parks, see city Streets and Parks projects.

Across four work parties, Untrash.it volunteers removed over 900 bags of trash (totaling 120-160 cubic yards), staging the trash around the cloverleaf. 

Above, Caltrans crews removing the trash piles. The dumpster shown holds 40 yards of waste, Caltrans crews filled 4 of them.


SW University Encampment

Southwest corner including both the eyebrow, and the eye.

Eastern Ashby Offramp Encampment

Eastern side of the highway.

NW University Encampment

Northwest corner including both the eyebrow, and the eye.

Western side of Ashby Encampment

Western side of the highway. There are fewer campsites on this side of the freeway, and given the difficult accessing this area, skipping it might be advisable.

East University Encampment

Eastern side of highway, underneath the University Overpass.

Gilman Encampment

Gilman encampments, underneath, and around the overpass.