Aquatic Park

Deep Cleaning

We are deep-cleaning Aquatic Park and the surrounding areas. Our first five work parties, removed 244 bags of trash and cleaned 1.8 miles of shoreline.  

We are grateful for support from the City of Berkeley Parks Dept for supplying bags, and trash pickup; and the City of Oakland Adopt-a-Spot Program for supplying equipment.

Number of Work Parties                  5 

Bags of Trash                                        244 

Miles of Shoreline Cleaned           1.8 

Construction Waste Truckloads  1 

Mattress or Sofa                                3 

Tires                                                        2 

Appliances                                           1 

Needles                                                 78


Northeast Aquatic Park

Northeast Aquatic Park including Bolivar Dr. up to and including the playground. Also included here is the area around the pedestrian bridge.

Western Aquatic Park

This segment includes the Western side of the park from the playground in the North to South Lot. Including the railroad track verge.

South Aquatic Park

This segment includes the South Lot, the two ponds, and the 'outer' parking lot up to the overpass.

Eastern Aquatic Park

This segment includes the entire eastern side of the lake.