East Bay Encampments


This project focuses on trash cleanups in and around major homeless encampments in the East Bay.

For encampments on city streets or in parks, see city Streets and Parks projects.

Berkeley Streets


Our Berkeley Streets project focuses on the main commercial streets in Berkeley, including one block on either side. University Ave and San Pablo are a particular focus. 

This work is led by Jeremy Shafer.

Oakland Parks


Currently this project only includes two parks, Mosswood Park and the surrounding area including the freeway offramp; and Leona Park in Eastern Oakland. 

We are interested in expanding this to other areas.

Aquatic Park


We are deep-cleaning Aquatic Park and the surrounding areas. Our first five work parties, removed 244 bags of trash and cleaned 1.8 miles of shoreline.  

We are grateful for support from the City of Berkeley Parks Dept for supplying bags, and trash pickup; and the City of Oakland Adopt-a-Spot Program for supplying equipment.

Berkeley Parks


Including all the parks in Berkeley. Note that several of the largest, including Aquatic Park, SF Bay Trail, and the Waterfront have their own projects.

Strawberry/Derby Canyons

East Bay Hills

This project includes Strawberry Canyon, Tightwad Hill, Panoramic Overlooks, Dwight Canyon, and Jordan Trail. 

This work is led by John Stenzel. We are grateful for support from UC Berkeley Facility Services for trash pickup.

SF Bay Trail

East Bay Coastal

Our SF Bay Trail Cleanup focuses on the section of the trail from Powell St in Emeryville, heading North to Central St. in Richmond.

Also see Encampment projects for nearby encampments.

Grizzly Peak Blvd

East Bay Hills

The main focus for our Grizzly Peak project is the section from Centennial South to Skyline. Across 3.5 miles of road, we have removed over 450 bags of trash to date.

To change a culture of trashing along Grizzly we organized 40 highly visible cleanups, and installed almost 100 signs. We are delighted to report the amount of new trash along grizzly has fallen dramatically. 

We are looking for people with CLIMBING EXPERIENCE to help retrieve remaining trash from easy Class-4 slopes. 

Wildcat Canyon Rd

East Bay Hills

Wildcat Canyon is the site of frequent dumping. This project is focused on the stretch from Inspiration Point to San Pablo Dam Road. 

We are looking for people with CLIMBING EXPERIENCE to help retrieve trash from easy Class-4 slopes. 

This project is led by Jill McIntire. We are grateful for support from EBMUD Watershed and Recreation Dept for bags, and the Contra Costa County Public Works Department for trash pickup.