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1st Overlook - Signpost 14
2nd Overlook and Tower Trail parking area - Signpost 15
3nd Overlook - Signpost 16
Adeline from Ward to Alcatraz
Alcatraz Ave.
Ashby Ave.
Bateman Mall Park
Bay Trail Gilman to University
Cedar Rose Park
Cesar Chavez Park
Claremont Canyon South to first pullover
Contra Costa Rock Park
Eastern Aquatic Park
Emeryville Shoreline from Powell to the Bridge
George Florence Mini-Park
Glendale-La Loma Park
Grizzly Peak Overlook
Grizzly from Centennial to Jordan Fire Trail
Hairpin pullover to Park Staging Area at Signpost 13
Harrison Park
Hwy 580 - 35th
Hwy 580 - Beaumont and 14th Ave
Hwy 580 - Coolidge
Hwy 580 - Fruitvale
Hwy 580 - Harrison and Oakland
Hwy 580 - Hwy 13 Interchange
Hwy 580 - Mandela Parkway
Hwy 580 - Park Ave
Hwy 580 - SW University Encampment
Hwy 580 - Western Ashby Encampment
Hwy 880 - 3rd
Hwy 880 - Brush to Washington
Hwy 880 - Madison
Hwy 880 - Webster
Hwy 980 - 17th and 18th
Hwy 980 - 34th
Hwy 980 - 45th
Hwy 980 - Broadway
Hwy 980 - San Pablo and West Grand
Hwy 980 - West MacArthur
James Kenney Park
Jordan Fire Trail to Hairpin pullover
Laurel Park
Live Oak Park
Lower University from Sacramento to Second St.
Malcolm X School Park
Marina Seawall
Mclaughlin State Park
Mortar Rock Park
North Oakland
Northern Lakeshore Ave
Ohlone Park
Park Staging Area to The Wall
Pergola / Eastshore Park
Point Emery and Beach Trail Access
Point Richmond
Prince Street Totlot
Richmond Annex
Rosa Parks School Park
San Leandro Creek Watershed
San Pablo from Addison to Alcatraz
Santa Fe
Seabreeze and surrounding area
Shattuck from University to Dwight
Signpost 22 to Claremont Canyon
Solano-Peralta Park
Southern Lakeshore Ave
Stege Marsh - Hoffman Marsh
Strawberry Creek Park
Telegraph from Dwight to Ashby
The Brickyard
Thousand Oaks School and Park
Upper Broadway, Merriewood and Temescal Lake
Virginia-McGee Totland
Western Aquatic Park
1st Pullover South of Scott’s Peak
2nd Pullover South of Scott’s Peak
3nd Overlook to Steam Train Signpost 19
Albany Bulb and Beach
Amphitheater / Lake Chalet Area
Ashby BART Station Area
Baxter Creek Watershed
Bay Trail Pedestrian Bridge to Beach Trail Access
Berkeley Rose Garden
Central East Oakland
Charlie Dorr Mini-Park
Codornices Park
Cordornices Creek Watershed
Cragmont Rock Park
Dwight/Derby Canyon
Frederick Mini-Park
Gilman Ave.
Great Stoneface Park
Grizzly Peak Overlook to Signpost 22
Grotto Rock Park
Halcyon Commons
Haskell-Mabel Mini-Park
Hwy 580 - 38th
Hwy 580 - Buchanan St.
Hwy 580 - East University Encampment
Hwy 580 - Gilman Ave.
Hwy 580 - High St.
Hwy 580 - MLK
Hwy 580 - Market and West Street
Hwy 580 - Peralta, Adeline and San Pablo
Hwy 580 - Telegraph
Hwy 80 - Carlson Blvd
Hwy 880 - Adeline
Hwy 880 - Harrison
Hwy 880 - Market
Hwy 980 - 11th and 12th
Hwy 980 - 27th and Sycamore
Hwy 980 - 40th - SEE MacArthur BART
Hwy 980 - 52nd
Hwy 980 - Claremont
Hwy 980 - Shattuck
Indian Rock Park
John Hinkel Park
King School Campus
Le Conte School Park
Lower Hills - Grand Lake and Lakeshore
MLK Jr. Civic Center Park
Marina Bay
Marlborough Terrace
Metro Richmore Village
North & East
North Richmond
Northwest Hills
Palo Seco Canyon: Joaquin Miller & Park Blvd
People's Park
Pinole Shores
Point Isabel
Point San Pablo and Surrounding Area
Richmond Heights
Sacramento Ave except BART
San Pablo / University Intersection
San Pablo from Gilman to Hearst
Sausal Creek Watershed
Shattuck from Dwight to Alcatraz
Shorebird Park Area
Snow Park / Harrison St Parkland / Veterans Memorial
South Aquatic Park
Southwest Annex
Strawberry / Schoolhouse Creek Watershed
Telegraph from Ashby to Alcatraz
Temescal Creek Watershed
The Brickyard Park
Tracks above the Park
Upper Lake Merritt Channel / Peralta Park
Washington School Park
Wildcat Marsh and Landfill Loop Trail
1st pullover after Claremont
2nd Pullover to Grizzly Peak Overlook
63rd Street Mini-Park
Albany Mudflats
Arroyo Viejo Watershed
Atchison Village
Bay Trail Albany Beach to Gilman
Becky Temko Totlot
Berkeley Way Mini-Park
Cerrito Creek Watershed
Claremont (Harwood) Canyon
College Ave.
Dorothy Bolte Park
East Shore - Park View - Panhandle
Emeryville Marina Park
Gilman Fields Parking Area
Greg Brown Mini-Park
Grizzly Peak Park on Whitaker
Grove Park
Horseshoe Park and Surrounding Area
Hwy 580 - Bayview
Hwy 580 - Central
Hwy 580 - Eastern Ashby Encampment
Hwy 580 - Grand and Lakeshore
Hwy 580 - Hollis
Hwy 580 - MacArthur
Hwy 580 - NW University Encampment
Hwy 580 - Powell St. Interchange
Hwy 580 - Telegraph to Broadway
Hwy 80 - Central
Hwy 880 - Broadway
Hwy 880 - Jackson
Hwy 880 - Oak St
Hwy 980 - 14th
Hwy 980 - 30th and 29th
Hwy 980 - 42nd
Hwy 980 - 880 Interchange - SEE 880
Hwy 980 - College and Forest
Hwy 980 - Telegraph Ave
Iron Triangle
John Muir School Park
Lakeside Park
Lions Creek Watershed
Lower Lake Merritt Channel
MacArthur Maze
Marina Riprap
Mclaughlin State Park
Monkey Island
North Berkeley BART
Northeast Aquatic Park
Oak Park
Park Plaza
Peralta Creek Watershed
Point Richmond MIller/Knox Shoreline
Point Pinole Regional Shoreline
Presentation Park
Remillard Park
Richmond Marina Bay Parks
San Antonio
San Pablo Park
San Pablo from Solano to Gilman
Seabreeze Area
Shattuck from Rose to University
Shorebird Park to Pt. Emery
Solano Ave.
Southeast Hills
Steam Train to Scott’s Peak Trailhead - Signpost 20
Strawberry Canyon
Telegraph from Bancroft to Dwight
Terrace View Park
The Wall
University around San Pablo
Upper University from Oxford to Sacramento
West Oakland
Willard Park
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